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Welcome to Tom's Game Pad!

Best video game site on the web!

Who's old enough to remember the old internet? If you're born before the mid-90s, you probably know what I'm talking about. If you remember the old internet then you probably also remember GeoCities, that bastion of creativity and individuality, where anyone could learn some basic HTML and make their own website, before web 2.0, social media and corporations sucked the life out of it all.

If like me, you remember those heady days, then you may recall websites dedicated to people's pets, their holiday photos, collections of awesome GIFs, celebrity tributes and everything else you can imagine... or like in my case - lists of their favourite video games. They were like virtual scrap books with their pages open to the world. Although they weren't easy to find because there were no (decent) search engines.

When I was 12 years old I built a website of my own - A Grim Fandango fan site, hosted on GeoCities and made with the best stolen animations and wallpaper art I could find. I remember I could only work on it a little bit at a time because someone always wanted to use the phone which would disconnect me from the internet. Unfortunately it was long ago swept aside by the powers of pixelated progress but the fun of working on it has always stayed with me.

I miss those days of index.html, guestbooks, hit counters and Under Construction GIFs, so I decided to revisit the dream of 12 year old me and build myself a little corner on the Indie Net, just like the old days.

Welcome to Tom's Game Pad, my place to post the greatest video game content the world has ever seen! Enjoy (or don't!)

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